West Covina Hills Adventist School includes grades Transitional Kindergarten - 8.

Our Kindgergarten class is taught by Teacher Patty (Inouye).  Many of our kindergarten students' parents were Teacher Patty's students!  This speaks to the impression she makes on her students.  Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by September 4, 2016.  We also have Transitional Kindergarten for children who will be 5 years old between September 1 and December 1. 

Each Friday the kindergarten class celebrates the theme of the week.  As they learn their numbers, letters, colors, shapes and many other themes, they crown the week with the theme on Friday.  For example, when they learn about the color red, they wear something red or with red on it, or bring something red. The whole school joins in the fun as there is a treat for each child that has something with the theme with them.


The 1st/2nd Grades class has Mrs. Melissa Tomas as their teacher. 


Our 3rd-5th Grades class is taught by Ms. Angie Marquez.


The 6th - 8th Grades are taught by Mr. Donald Krpalek.  Mr. Krpalek is also Principal.

5th & 6th Grade Math, Science and Social Studies is taught by Mrs. Rebecca Reis.

Other members of the staff include:

Dan Inouye - Extended Day Care & Janitor