Support the West Covina Hills Adventist School

Use Scrip

Scrip is an easy way to support the school.  If you purchase gift cards or shop at any of a myriad of stores, you can use scrip.  The link below will take you to the Great Lakes Scrip website.  From the home page you can access the list of retailers as well as sign up to order on-line.  You can even have your payment made directly from your bank account.

Orders are placed every Monday and arrive by Thursday afternoon.  Great Lakes Scrip also offers ScripNow! where you can have the "card" sent to your email for immediate use.  If you use Presto Pay the card will be sent to your email immediately; otherwise you will need to wait for the order to be processed with the actual physical card order.  This is a great way to use Scrip when ordering online from any of the stores available.

Another great feature of many of the retailers' physical cards is that they can be reloaded.  You can do this online and, with PrestoPay, the money is added to your card and is ready to use within minutes.

To set up your on-line ordering account use the school's enrollment code of: 64DLBF3814L66   

Once you discover how easy it is to use scrip for gift giving and your own purchases, you'll be telling all your family and friends to "get on board" with you!