West Covina Hills Adventist School


2018-2019 school year

Specific Policy


A.  Tuition is charged on an annual basis---divided into 9 or 10 equal monthly payments for the

     convenience of the parents.

B.   Payment is due on the 1st day of the month and is past due after the 8th of the month.

C.   A late fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) will be added to any account not paid by the 8th.

D.   Any student whose account becomes 30 days past due will be subject to dismissal from

      school until the account is paid. 

E.   There will be a $25 charge for checks returned by a bank.

F.   The school uses third party collection services as needed with delinquent accounts and

      reserves the right to seek legal redress should collection procedures fail.  Collection and

      legal costs will be added.

Fee Schedule


 Regular Rate                                  $350.00 ($50 with application.  Remainder due at registration.)

Conference Subsidized Rate        $250.00 ($50 with application.  Remainder due at registration.)

A.     The fee covers workbooks, use of textbooks, student insurance, testing, library fees

         and choir/classroom music.

B.     If a student withdraws before the end of the first month, half the fee will be refunded.

C.     If a student enrolls during the second semester, the fee will be $100.

D.     This fee does not cover student supplies e.g., paper, pencils, crayons, glue, etc.



The actual cost of operating this school is approximately $6000 per student.  The tuition charges listed below reflect reduced costs resulting from the organized church’s financial support directly to this school.  There is additional significant support from the church organization that is not easily calculated, such as curriculum development and teacher in-service.

Tuition is an annual cost, however for your convenience, is divided into 10 monthly payments.  For students not attending a full year, monthly tuition payments will be figured by calculating the total tuition for the period of actual attendance and divide that by the number of payments to be made.


Regular Rate -                          Annual Tuition                          10 Monthly Payments

First child                                   $4700.00                                         $470.00

Second child                               $4320.00                                         $432.00

Third child                                  $4150.00                                         $415.00


Conference Subsidized Rate - Because of substantial subsidy from the organized church (see note above), members of area Adventist churches receive the following discounted rates:


First child                                   $3700.00                                          $370.00

Second child                               $3550.00                                          $355.00

Third child                                  $3400.00                                          $340.00


There is a 5% discount for prepaying the annual tuition in full at registration. 



Technology Fee                                                        $10

5th - 8h Outdoor School                                         $240*

5th - 8th Lego Robotics                                            $10

Kindergarten & 8th Grade Graduation                 $50

Extended Day Care                                                  (See separate document)

Yearbook                                                                   $20


* Costs for this event cannot be published in advance.  Exact information will be available closer to the event.